It’s been a while….

I’d got into a rhythm of writing on a regular basis, so feel I’ve somewhat abandoned Bookaholicsrus of late (for which I apologis profusely).

Life has been a hectic whirlwind of school projects, extra hours at work, and increased articles to write, all of which are good things, but have meant my resolution to read more has slightly dwindled. 

As we get ready to it the half term holiday, I hope to manage a little bit of downtime and a bit more reading, I’m even in a ‘book club’ now (blog post to follow).  

I also intend to pick up with my writing, and get brave and get some out there to see what people think.

Still reading Liane Moriarty’s Little Lies,  review to follow. 



Meet Clara Andrews by Lacey London

I’ll be honest…….. I stumbled across this read by accident.  Having recently joined the ‘tweeting’ ranks of Twitter (@bookaholicsrus if you are interested), Lacey London(author) began ‘FOLLOWING’ me (still getting used to that bit!!).🤔

This led to me looking at what she had written, and downloading ‘Meet Clara Andrews’ which is the first of a series of books about the main character Clara.

I was hooked within the first couple of pages.

Clara is a character that I couldn’t help but identify with in some shape or form, in particular her love of bubbles (both the fizzy drinkable kind, and bubble baths).  🍸

As for Oliver, what can I say………… However your mind conjures him up in your imagination, you too will have fallen for him by the time you are halfway through.😍

As a mummy of two tiddlers, Clara’s life was reminiscent of my life pre children, before I met my fabulous other half, and minus the hunky American, and whilst my ‘going out’ years were never full of venues quite as posh, it definitely brought back memories of partying till the early hours and sleeping it off all day Sunday!.

‘Meet Clara Andrews’ is an easy to read, light hearted piece of chick-lit and I for one can’t wait to read more of the series, once I have worked my way through my ever growing to be read list.  ⌗somanybookssolittletime ⌗readmore

If you decide to partake in perusing this book, let me know what you think?











What to do……….

What to do on a blustery, rainy and generally “let’s not go outside” kind of day, when at home with a poorly biggest tiddler……….

Eat soup (if you win the stare off with the dog🐾) and read. Housework (aka- shoved everything into cupboards ran the hoover over, and lit some fragranced candles to make it smell nice😝) done.

I reckon I can squeeze at least an hour in before collecting littlest tiddler from nursery, when all hopes of 5 mins with my book will promptly evaporate!!







Here’s a first……

So my resolution this year, (as it has been since the time before tiddlers!) was to read more.

I am desperately determined to focus more on my writing ambitions this year and figure if I read more and expand my mind with varying genres, I’ll stand in good stead for some success.

Here’s the dilemma……. Having already finished my first book of the year- Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott, I am ready for my second.

Having perused the various books gathering virtual dust on my kindle- I was all set, until a trip to the library with the tiddlers so they could get some new reads turned into:


I’m also trying to get to grips with Twitter and all it stands for; find me at @bookaholicsrus  when I discovered Lacey London and her books all about Clara Andrews.

Having treated myself to the first book in that series- I now have the dilemma of what to read first.  After much consideration I can’t choose so am reading 2!!! 

Meet Clara Andrews by Lacey London


Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.

My first attempt was hampered by a pesky labradoodle who is trying to tell me it’s tea time, even though it’s not quite 4pm.

Happy reading!!





Favourite places to read

Now, fellow bookoholics will agree, anywhere there is space to open a book, is a good place to read.

But I bet most of you have a favourite place to settle down with your latest literary delight, whether it be curling up on the sofa- or snuggling under the duvet.

As mummy to two tiddlers, I am a big fan of grabbing any opportunities to devour a page or two of my current read- sometimes in the kitchen whilst I’m ‘getting dinner ready’ or sitting on a closed toilet seat whilst the tiddlers have their bath 😳

My reading ‘treat’ is snuggled in bed on aSunday morning with a nice cuppa- my lie in day normally consists of both tiddlers joining me whilst Daddy goes downstairs, but we all grab a book and pile in!

If I had more time and more money, here are some gorgeous examples of stunningly cozy little reading nooks where you could shamelessly drift away to the fictional realms of your read!!

What’s your favourite?


Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott

So, I did it.

It took a little longer than I intended, but I have finished my first book of 2016.  I have also added a considerable number of new ‘books that must be read’ to my collection.  #bookaholic  #oops

Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott was intense, nail biting in parts, and led to me staying up until gone 2am to make sure I had finished it before I going to sleep.

The books overview:

How far would you go to hold on to the people you love?

When Olivia Brookes calls the police to report that her husband and children are missing, she believes she will never see them again.  She has reason to fear the worst; this isn’t the first tragedy that Olivia has experienced.  Now, two years later, Detective Chief Inspector Tom Douglas is called in to investigate this family again, but this time it’s Olivia who has disappeared.  All the evidence suggests that she was here, in the family home, that morning.

But her car is in the garage, and her purse is in her handbag-on the kitchen table.  The police want to issue an appeal, but for some reason every single picture of this family has been removed from albums, from phones, from computers.

And then they find the blood………

Sleep tight – if you can.  You never know who’s watching.

It was a fab book, that grabbed me from the start, and I felt myself really getting to know Olivia, and how she was feeling.  At points I was almost holding my breath with anticipation, and feelings of OMG!

I discovered Sleep Tight, courtesy of  Having signed up some time ago, and letting them know what genres of books I like to read, I now get a daily compilation of titles available at free/discounted prices for your Kindle or Kobo device.  As a result I now have around 50 books waiting to be read, and I’m constantly adding to my virtual Kindle bookshelf.

I feel I’m on a roll now for a good spell of reading time, and a trip to library with the tiddlers today resulted in me borrowing five books for myself ;-P

My next read up for review is Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (whose surname always makes me think of the ‘baddie’ from Sherlock).  Looks like a good ‘un, so I’m off to bed with said book and a cuppa – my life is so Rock and Roll 😉

Night Night book lovers


bookaholic list








Well, that went well.  My first night of implementing my resolution to read more was a phenomenal success……….not!

Got snuggled under the duvet, book at the ready and………….fell asleep!!

Not much to review today, but on a positive I managed the best night sleep I’ve had in months, so reckon tonight could be a good reading night.  My current read ‘Sleep Tight’ by Rachel Abbott is a psychological thriller, so am betting that once I start I won’t be able to put it down.


Happy Reading





2016 – The BIG read

As I launch myself head on into 2016, another New Year, with new/rehashed resolutions, that I promise I’m going to stick to this year (cross my heart and all that), yet undoubtedly will have dropped into the abyss of forgotten resolutions before we reach the end of January.

This year I am going to:

  • Go to bed earlier (highly unlikely, as this is my favourite time to write, as I can generally do so without interruption)
  • Make better food choices (work on my meal planning organisation) and encourage the children to expand their palette.
  • Exercise more, be it walking with the dog (who never turns down the opportunity for a leg stretch), swimming, or the like.
  • Be more proactive and productive with my writing, by writing a plan of attack for the year.
  • Read more.  This is my biggest challenge, I love to read, but there always seems to be something else to do, or someone else vying for my attention.  I have made a pact with myself that this year I will read for at least one hour a day…………  hence this blog

Thebigblogofbooks is a place for me to record my thoughts and views on the books I have read, meaning I will be encouraged to read more, expanding my reading spectrum, and in turn motivating me to write as I capture my interpretation of the book in question.

Feel free to join me on my journey, I hope you enjoy it, get some ideas for your own next ‘book of choice’.  Reading is such a beautifully indulgent hobby that allows you to escape to another world/realm/lifestyle.

I’m off to bed now with my current book of choice “Sleep Tight” by Rachel Abbott.

Sleep Tight