Meet Clara Andrews by Lacey London

I’ll be honest…….. I stumbled across this read by accident.  Having recently joined the ‘tweeting’ ranks of Twitter (@bookaholicsrus if you are interested), Lacey London(author) began ‘FOLLOWING’ me (still getting used to that bit!!).🤔

This led to me looking at what she had written, and downloading ‘Meet Clara Andrews’ which is the first of a series of books about the main character Clara.

I was hooked within the first couple of pages.

Clara is a character that I couldn’t help but identify with in some shape or form, in particular her love of bubbles (both the fizzy drinkable kind, and bubble baths).  🍸

As for Oliver, what can I say………… However your mind conjures him up in your imagination, you too will have fallen for him by the time you are halfway through.😍

As a mummy of two tiddlers, Clara’s life was reminiscent of my life pre children, before I met my fabulous other half, and minus the hunky American, and whilst my ‘going out’ years were never full of venues quite as posh, it definitely brought back memories of partying till the early hours and sleeping it off all day Sunday!.

‘Meet Clara Andrews’ is an easy to read, light hearted piece of chick-lit and I for one can’t wait to read more of the series, once I have worked my way through my ever growing to be read list.  ⌗somanybookssolittletime ⌗readmore

If you decide to partake in perusing this book, let me know what you think?












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