Here’s a first……

So my resolution this year, (as it has been since the time before tiddlers!) was to read more.

I am desperately determined to focus more on my writing ambitions this year and figure if I read more and expand my mind with varying genres, I’ll stand in good stead for some success.

Here’s the dilemma……. Having already finished my first book of the year- Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott, I am ready for my second.

Having perused the various books gathering virtual dust on my kindle- I was all set, until a trip to the library with the tiddlers so they could get some new reads turned into:


I’m also trying to get to grips with Twitter and all it stands for; find me at @bookaholicsrus  when I discovered Lacey London and her books all about Clara Andrews.

Having treated myself to the first book in that series- I now have the dilemma of what to read first.  After much consideration I can’t choose so am reading 2!!! 

Meet Clara Andrews by Lacey London


Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.

My first attempt was hampered by a pesky labradoodle who is trying to tell me it’s tea time, even though it’s not quite 4pm.

Happy reading!!






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